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About Us

 ITS Pc support is an innovative way of servicing and repairing the Computers for our customers. We try and go an extra mile for providing best service with constant innovative updates, and add new and better policies for optimum customer satisfaction. Its pc support is a company that believes in adding new and useful PC tools in our free services to our members.

It is not just technical support that we provide, but we also understand that the customer could need assistance in using a few software systems. Here we become humans, and help our customers with their projects we give them helpful tutorials for free, may it be anything related to computers we are always available just a phone call away. This way we don’t just work on the computers but we help the customers get their work done.

We understand that every individual is a kid inside that wants to learn new things and we help them with any new tasks that they want to perform.

We believe in customer satisfaction, hence we give a human touch to every customer service call.
At ITS Pc Support, we don’t have any guide line, rules, code of conduct, terms and conditions that over rides the customer needs. We are just a flexible company, towards our members. We are one of the very few Companies that still are a strong believer of the thought, “The Customer is always right”.

This way we are confident that that we can have maximum satisfied customers. We aim to be a company who achieves 100% customer satisfaction.

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